MAI Indexes Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter

Tactically Conservative ... Bullish on Life!

A Growth Strategy and Bear Strategy

 The Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter Index selects a portfolio of 8 diverse ETFs monthly.

- During Bull Markets, its growth strategy allocation holds 80% equities, 20% bonds

- During Bear Markets, the Index automatically shifts to 100% defensive positions. 

- Bull/Bear Indicator, StormGuard-Armor, determines the market's bull vs. bear status.

- Advanced signal processing, that we call Temporal Portfolio Theory, employs the cross-disciplinary sciences of Matched Filter Theory and Differential Signal Processing – the same technologies that enable WiFi, USB, iPhones, digital TV, and remotely controlled rovers on Mars to perform so well. None of these were possible 68 years ago when Modern Portfolio Theory first taught us to "buy-and-hold" and "diversify-and-rebalance." The Index additionally employs a trifecta of Artificial Intelligence methods to improve the quality of its decisions. They include: 

- Adaptive Tuning that seeks to eliminate hindsight bias in the momentum algorithm; 

- Fuzzy Logic that seeks to better assess the market’s Bull vs. Bear status; and

- Genetic Algorithms that evolve the strategies to eliminate hindsight selection bias. 

Risk Avoidance?

Risk is not a one-dimensional problem cured by a single dose of diversification. Risk is a multidimensional problem, and diversification’s passive “risk dilution” is only just the start. Our research shows that the most proficient way to reduce risk is through “risk avoidance” – specifically, avoidance of laggards and bear markets. Both require reliable measures of momentum. That’s our strong suit. It’s all about advanced signal processing that reduces noise and produces cleaner momentum signals.   

Maerlyn.AI Paradigm Shift: The five things investors want most.

A Paradigm Shift

While most Indexes focus on a specific slice of the market, such as a particular sector, factor, theme, or asset class, MAI Indexes are complete, self-contained tactical portfolio management systems that evaluate over 500 ETFs each month and select a portfolio that seeks to provide the five things investors want most. 

Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter growth portfolio hierarchical organization

Index Investment Selection Process

The MAI Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter Index seeks to improve performance by first identifying bull and bear market conditions, then using growth momentum strategies to select two bond and six equity ETFs during bull markets and four or more defensive ETFs during bear markets. The investment process consists of these steps:

Identify the Bull Market Universe: The bull market investable universe generally consists of mid to large capitalization ETFs traded on a U.S. exchange in these categories: bonds, sectors, factors, regions, and countries. Inverse and leveraged ETFs are excluded.

Identify the Bear Market Universe: The bear market investable universe generally consists of mid to large capitalization ETFs traded on a U.S. exchange in these categories: aggregate bonds, corporate bonds, hi-yield bonds, U.S. treasuries, gold, and broad-based U.S. equity. 

Assess the Bull/Bear Indicator: The Bull/Bear Indicator seeks to determine whether U.S. equity markets are advancing (“Bull”) or have an elevated risk of decline (“Bear”) by assessing three metrics of U.S. equity markets: price-trend, market momentum, and value sentiment. 

Bull Market ETF Selection: During Bull markets, the Index further develops 12 evaluation Models for each Category, each of them with a different mix of candidate ETFs from its related subcategory. At month-end, each Model selects a growth strategy momentum leader, and each Category selects its overall momentum leader from the selections made by its 12 underlying Models. The Index further employs a proprietary AI Genetic Algorithm that continuously evolves the set of candidate ETFs associated with each of the 12 Models seeking to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and improve investment performance. 

Bear Market ETF Selection: During Bear markets the Index creates two or more defensive models with different sets of candidate funds. Each selects a suitable bear market ETF.

Duplicate Selection Reduction: An algorithm attempts to identify duplicate selections and substitute alternatives from the same subcategory. A bull market Index will be comprised of six to eight unique ETFs and a bear market Index will be comprised of four to eight unique ETFs.

Index Methodology Download

The PDF download describes the detailed methodology of the Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter Index.

ETFs Held by the Index

Note: The MAI Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter Index calculated by Solactive AG has an effective date that is one market-day later than indicated in the table below.

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