MAI Indexes: Momentum Investing Strategies

AI genetic algorithms and advanced signal processing improve

 investment performance during both Bull and Bear markets.  


AI Portfolio Management

 MAI Indexes seeks to provide simplicity and automation in portfolio management, including selecting top momentum leaders during Bull markets, and automatically selecting defensive ETFs in Bear markets so you can focus on other important life matters. We simplify the science of investing.                                 

MAI Index Descriptions

Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter

MAI Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter Index

The MAI Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter Index begins with an 80/20 equities/bonds allocation split typical of a classic Growth portfolio. Each of eight underlying momentum strategies selects one ETF (its momentum leader) for the portfolio to hold. The index automatically allocates 100% to defensive ETFs when a bear market is signaled by StormGuard-Armor. 

How our AI Genetic Algorithm Benefits You (2min. video)

See how MAI Indexes use genetic algorithms to eliminate hindsight selection bias, expand its universe of candidate ETFs, and build on its powerful Temporal Portfolio Theory roots to reduce market noise and improve the probability of making better momentum investing choices that lead to higher returns and lower risk, as detailed in our book "Conquering the Seven Faces of Risk."

Why Advanced Signal Processing Matters (7min. video)

 At the very heart of momentum investing performance is its proficiency for extracting trend signals from noisy market data. Merlyn.AI employs the cross-disciplinary mathematics of electronic signal processing and matched filter theory, the very same mathematics that enables Ethernet, WiFi, and smartphones to perform so well. 

A Guided Tour Through Temporal Portfolio Theory

Book: Conquering the Seven Faces of Risk, by Scott Juds

MAI Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter Index

 Conquering the Seven Faces of Risk breaks new ground with its development of Temporal Portfolio Theory as a critically important extension to MPT. The new cross-disciplinary mathematics of electronic signal processing  and problem segmentation clarify momentum signals and treat bear markets as the separate problem class they are.  Risk avoidance is far superior to ordinary risk dilution. 

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